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Adding Strength and Vitality to our Communities through a Commitment to Volunteerism

October 21, 2021
Shane Loper
Shane Loper

At Hancock Whitney, we don’t just serve our local communities, we’re part of them. Giving back and paying it forward are important ideals we hold dear – principles central to our company for 120-plus years.

Where it started

In the late 1800s, a group of leaders from the Gulf South formed banking institutions to ensure people could achieve their own financial dreams. Over the course of the last century we’ve expanded to more than 200 communities and we’re still growing, but our core values remain at the forefront of all that we do. We are keenly aware that being there for our community is the lifeblood of our success.


Carrying the legacy

Our commitment to service expands well beyond the walls of our financial centers, when our associates give back generously, sharing their time and talents to ensure their little corners of the world flourish.

Associates choose individual passion projects that reflect their local communities’ unique needs. Through partnerships with countless non-profit agencies, community initiatives and organizations that share our core values, associates are helping build a better Gulf South.



Actively serving in roles such as board members, committee chairs, coaches, volunteers and mentors, our associates help people achieve their dreams both at work and when they volunteer, and every October, the month of our founding, we celebrate their passion for making a positive impact in the places they call home.