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"Year of the Croc": Celebrating the theme and art for this year’s Hancock Whitney Splash Bash

August 14, 2019
Emory Mayfield
Emory Mayfield

Crocodiles are cool, especially if you’re headed to Hancock Whitney Splash Bash for Mississippi Aquarium on September 27.

Today, Mississippi Aquarium and Hancock Whitney officially announced the theme for the 2019 fundraising celebration as “The Year of the Croc’,” spotlighting the endangered American crocodile. Former Gulfport firefighter Robert Waldrop, now a well-known Gulf Coast artist, also joined us to unveil his commemorative artwork for this year’s Hancock Whitney Splash Bash.

Each year, Hancock Whitney Splash Bash spotlights wildlife or marine life expected to reside in replicated native habitats at Mississippi Aquarium as well as an animal important to ecosystems and facing threats to its environment and future. At the sell-out inaugural event in 2018, we welcomed 2,000-plus partygoers with a special emphasis on the African penguin and introduced the first in a series of original designs created by Gulf Coast area artists just for Hancock Whitney Splash Bash.
This year, Mississippi Aquarium chose the American crocodile, a close cousin to our American alligator which holds an integral place in the overall balance of wildlife in waterways and wetlands.

125660_819_SplashBash_posterlogos-1The 2019 Hancock Whitney Splash Bash celebrates “The Year of the Croc’,” focusing on the endangered American crocodile and featuring Gulf coast artist Robert Waldrop’s one-of-a-kind artwork on collectors’ posters and wearables


Robert Waldrop’s nature inspired works—including watercolors, acrylics, and metal pieces—grace galleries across the Gulf Coast from New Orleans to South Mississippi to Mobile and are part of private collections across the country. For the second annual Hancock Whitney Splash Bash, he’s illustrated in colorful detail and with incredible artistry an American crocodile welcoming new life into her habitat.

The one-of-kind design will appear on the 2019 limited-print event poster as well as wearables available for pre-order on the Mississippi Aquarium website at https://www.msaquarium.org.

Hancock Whitney Splash Bash supports Mississippi Aquarium, a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. Under construction in downtown Gulfport and expected to open in late 2019/early 2020, Mississippi Aquarium will be an accredited aquarium and global destination recognized for family entertainment, educational programming, conservation advancement, and showcases for marine life and research.

We’re honored to be title sponsor again this year for Hancock Whitney Splash Bash for Mississippi Aquarium. We also thank the many other sponsors who’ve committed or will contribute to this benefit. We look forward to celebrating “The Year of the Croc’’ on September 27 at Hancock Whitney Splash Bash as the Gulf Coast comes together for great music, great food, great people, and a great asset to our region—Mississippi Aquarium.

For Hancock Whitney Splash Bash tickets and sponsorship opportunities, visit https://www.msaquarium.org. For more details, email info@msaquarium.org.