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Investment Perspective: Why the U.S. trade war with China matters

May 29, 2019
Richard Chauvin Jr., CFA
Richard Chauvin Jr., CFA

The recent escalation of the trade dispute between the United States and China took investors by surprise and has turned the market landscape from risk-on to risk-off. What is the nature of investor concerns?

We invite you to download this complimentary whitepaper, which provides our most thorough and detailed look at the conflict to date. We describe why trade restrictions are viewed negatively by financial markets, examine the strategic complexities that are hampering negotiations, and identify some factors that may help bring an end to the dispute.

Investment Perspective: The U.S. Trade War with China

May 2019 – Issue 6

Executive Summary

This whitepaper, authored by Richard Chauvin CFA, Investment Director, delves into the escalated trade dispute between the U.S. and China, its impact on global markets, and the underlying strategic complexities. It offers an in-depth analysis of the trade standoff's stakes, explores the risks for investors, and evaluates the geopolitical challenges in reaching a U.S./China trade agreement. The document provides valuable insights into the potential economic outcomes of tariffs, the strategic conflict with China, and the possible scenarios for a trade agreement, underlining the critical nature of these negotiations for global economic stability and growth.


Investment Perspective - Why the trade war with China matters


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