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Markets & Economic Update for November 2023: Economy Remains Strong in Q3

November 9, 2023
David Lundgren, CFA®
David Lundgren, CFA®

Each month, senior leaders of Hancock Whitney's Asset Management team discuss the latest news and events that impact markets and the economy.


This month:

The team reviews the stronger than expected 3rd Quarter GDP report and provides an outlook for the economy in the 4th Quarter and into 2024.


Watch and listen to the webinar:


Key Takeaways:

  • A look at the expanding federal deficit and the unsustainable current fiscal policy position. Also, the team offers opinions on how fiscal policy has impacted bond yields and the economy.
  • Commentary on the most recent Fed meeting and how the recent jump in long term rates may influence monetary policy.
  • The Fed’s statements regarding future rate hikes.
  • Why the stock market isn’t reacting positively to the better than expected 3rd Quarter earnings results.
  • Are more attractive bond yields impacting stock returns?
  • Discussion of the new speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives: what we know about him and what this could mean for appropriations bills, supplemental funding requests, and the likelihood of passage of a continuing resolution to keep the government from closing on November 17.


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