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The Sunrise Report: convenient and timely financial updates for your business

March 6, 2017
Kerrie Duvernay
Kerrie Duvernay
Many of our busy business clients are taking advantage of one of the most useful and convenient services provided by Treasury Solution: the Sunrise Report. This daily financial report – delivered via email – helps business owners stay on top of account balances and transactions. Learn more about the Sunrise Report and hear how one business leader uses it to manage the day-to-day finances of his company. 
 Thr Sunrise Report:convenient and timely financial updates for your business
 Information at your fingertips
For over 30 years, Quality Cleaning Equipment & Supply has offered a wide range of cleaning, janitorial and storm restoration products and services, ranging from equipment and accessories to renting and repairing equipment. The company is based in Luling and Bossier City, Louisiana.
President Robert Monti says his company benefits from many of the services provided by Treasury Solution, Hancock and Whitney’s online banking application, but one that’s particularly helpful is the Sunrise Report. “When I come in to work each day, I like to know our account and loan balances, and review recent transactions. With the Sunrise Report, it’s right there at my fingertips in an email.”
The Sunrise Report provides an overview of business banking activity from the prior day. Monti can review deposit accounts — including business checking, money market and others — to see opening and closing ledger balances and float information. He can check all credit deposits and debits, including both check and wire transactions that posted the previous day. The Sunrise Report also shows the balances of any business loans and lines of credit.
“Each morning at 7:02 the Sunrise Report arrives by email. Even when I’m away from my computer and not able to log into Treasury Solution, I still can access this important financial data.”
By reviewing this report each morning, Monti can quickly gain an understanding of company accounts. He then works with his company’s accountant to determine what, if any, funds to move and which bills to pay that day. “I use the information in the Sunrise Report to make a daily financial plan, making it a very useful tool for my business.”
Thinking long term
Monti says that Quality Cleaning Equipment & Supply has banked with Whitney Bank for the past year, and appreciates the support he receives from Whitney’s business bankers and treasury management team. “When I need insight or advice, I know I can look to my bankers. I’ve been very satisfied with my working relationships with them. When I have technical questions, I contact the bank’s Treasury Support group.
“My goal in switching our banking relationship to Hancock and Whitney Bank was to find a bank with which we could have a long-term relationship. It’s been an easy decision: few banks offer the kind of personalized attention we receive from Hancock and Whitney. They’re always looking to understand our challenges and provide solutions that meet our needs. We hope to do more business with the bank, and look forward to our continued partnership.”
The Treasury Solution team is continually working to enhance and upgrade our services, and we’re ready to show you how Treasury Solution can benefit your business.
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