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The values of our brand

Shane Loper
May 4, 2018
When we first start out, our folks work hard to raise us right—to teach us to help others, care more, and be our best. Our bank’s founders set forth the same expectations for us. In fact, the standards they articulated continue to build our organization and have kept it strong since the 1800s.
Those principles have been paramount to the ways we serve our clients, communities, and each other. Those basic ideals have defined who we are and guided how we’ve done business for more than a century.
Our new Hancock Whitney brand gives our legacy new life; but the beliefs behind the brand are fundamental and timeless. Our new brand encompasses five core values—Honor & Integrity, Strength & Stability, Commitment to Service, Teamwork, and Personal Responsibility—at the heart of our culture and second-nature to associates across six states. Additionally, our tagline "Your Dream. Our Mission." celebrates our passion for helping people achieve their financial goals and dreams as we move forward together.
The values of our brand 
We have a new brand and, soon, a new name, marking a century since the first time Hancock and Whitney worked together. The essence of our institution hasn’t changed, though. What we believe isn’t altered, either. Rather, our Hancock Whitney brand invigorates 100 years of vision, principles, and commitment with a contemporary focus on 5-star service. It’s a visual, philosophical, and emotional tribute to our past and, more important, our future with people who look to us as their financial and community partner. It’s also our enduring promise to do the right thing.
Our new brand empowers us to continue building a company that never knows completion. That means we’ll never be complacent. Instead, we’ll always strive to be better and do more for our clients, led by our century-old legacy of excellence and an unwavering commitment to our core values.
Many of us look back with respect and thanks for what we’ve learned from people important in our lives. For our Hancock Whitney family, our new brand embodies the lessons our farsighted founders left for us:  to always help others and each other succeed; to care deeply about creating opportunities for people and the communities we serve; and do our best to make dreams real for the people who call our region home.