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Kane Wommack and the Wommack Family's Football Dreams

August 30, 2021
Robbie Baker
Robbie Baker

Football runs in Kane Wommack’s family. His father coached at the collegiate level for more than 35 years at schools including Arkansas, Southern Miss, and Ole Miss. From the time Wommack was little, football was on his mind.

After a successful college career he climbed the coaching ladder, landing at the University of South Alabama in 2016 to serve as defensive coordinator and linebackers coach. There, he fell in love with the city of Mobile and the university. His wife, Melissa, fell in love with the idea of eventually raising their family on the Gulf Coast.

During his first stint at University of South Alabama, Kane was so successful at transforming the program’s defense that it led to an opportunity to work for his former mentor who was coaching at the University of Indiana. Wommack’s success continued there, and in December of 2020, he accepted an opportunity that would be life-changing for him and his family: head football coach at University of South Alabama.



“When taking over a job as a new head coach, there are lot of things going on in a very short amount of time,” he said, noting, ‘It really was just a whirlwind.” In fact, there was so much going on, and everything was moving so fast that the couple had to take a divide-and-conquer approach to their move.

“Kane had his responsibilities in terms of taking over a program. But I was the other half of the team on the home front. So our main object was to relocate our family,” said his wife, Melissa. In fact, she came down and toured houses in Mobile while he finished out the season at University of Indiana. And on a quick trip to Mobile, Wommack was so busy gearing up for his new job that he spent less than 10 minutes walking through the house he and his wife eventually bought.

Once Kane accepted his dream job and the Wommacks decided to make Mobile their new home, “The next key part, of course, was finding a bank. And that’s when we turned to Hancock Whitney,” said Melissa.

The Wommack family found a partner in Hancock Whitney. As they discovered, we’re not just a gleaming name on a shiny, new football stadium. We’re an organization that truly understands what it takes to help people live their dreams.

“I’m a stay-at-home-mom that’s raising my kids, managing the finances, and all of the other responsibilities that motherhood entails. And so having a bank that I can rely on has been amazing,” said Melissa. “I know that even if I don’t have it all together, they do.”

Beyond helping the Wommacks navigate the homebuying process, their personal banker, Claire, was always just a phone call away. This helped the Wommacks settle into their busy lives. On one occasion, when Melissa mentioned that she was running out of time to plan a birthday party, her local bankers even recommended bakeries where she could get freshly baked cakes. “They helped us on the mortgage side, but they’re always so considerate to say, ‘Here’s something else you guys might need,’” said Melissa.

The Wommacks are thankful for the opportunity to live their dream at the University of South Alabama, and appreciative of the trusted financial partner that's helping their family thrive in their new home.