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Ways your business can benefit from Same Day ACH

February 14, 2017
Kerrie Duvernay
Kerrie Duvernay

We’ve all heard a lot of talk about how Same Day ACH will be a game changer, but how exactly will it benefit your business? Let’s cut to the chase: Same Day ACH moves money in the ACH network in the same way, only faster.

If you need more flexibility in timing payroll, fast payout of insurance claims and reimbursements, or want to offer a same day bill payment option to your customers, these are just a few of the ways Same Day ACH can benefit your business.

Of course, the Same Day ACH service does not replace the traditional uses of ACH for transactions such as weekly payroll and other predictable payments. Same Day ACH is offered as a premium service and will provide faster delivery for many business payments. Here are some examples:


Same Day ACH Credit Opportunities:

  • Hourly and emergency payroll (as well as bonuses and off-cycle payroll)
  • Expedited B2C payments (insurance payouts)
  • Faster B2B payments (goods held until payment is received)
  • Accelerated merchant card settlement (on digital and mobile sites)
  • C2B online bill payments (due-date payments)
  • P2P payments (split bills, emergencies)


Virtually all types of ACH payments -- 99% of current ACH volume -- will be eligible for same-day processing. Only international transactions (IATs), high-value transactions above $25,000, and federal government payments will not be eligible.

Because Same Day ACH has a different risk profile, pricing, and requires modified settings for your payroll and accounts payable systems, you'll need to talk to our Treasury Services team before you can initiate same day transactions.  

More Same Day ACH features will be available over the coming years. NACHA —The Electronic Payments Association®, the trustee and rule maker of the ACH Network -- has a detailed three-phase rollout, which will culminate in 2018:


Same Day ACH Phases


Our Treasury Services team is looking forward to hearing more about your business and is ready to help set you up with Same Day ACH services. You can also check out NACHA’s Same Day ACH For Businesses Essentials Guide for additional information.