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Why I'm Excited to Join Hancock and Whitney Bank

September 6, 2016
Chip Knight
Chip Knight

Growing up in Columbus, Mississippi, I realized early the unique, important role banks play in our hometowns. I saw local bankers working hard to help people by turning excess liquidity in a community into loans for folks to purchase homes, buy dependable cars, and expand family businesses. By high school, I knew I wanted to be a banker who could make good things happen. That’s why I earned my banking and finance degree from Ole Miss. And, after 31 years in banking, that’s why I came to Hancock and Whitney Bank.

People, Culture, and Communities

Banks succeed because people trust them. I believe banks should repay that trust by creating opportunities and by connecting people to the financial resources they need. Great banks lead growth and give back with an exemplary commitment to client and community service while staying strong for the people who depend on them.

I knew Hancock and Whitney Bank is one of America’s strongest, safest banks and a solid community partner before I joined the company. Now, just a month into my new job, I’ve reaffirmed the strong points that set the bank apart: people and culture. Those go hand-in-hand.

Commitment to Service has been a cornerstone of our culture since the late 1800s. Since I've been here, I’ve seen our highly skilled, highly knowledgeable consumer and commercial bankers demonstrate a solid, do-the-right dedication to clients that’s rare as other banks downplay personal service. I've seen our associates give their time and money to help their communities and each other.

Following the recent Louisiana floods, I saw associates mobilize incredible efforts to jumpstart recovery and give people hope. They worked together 24-7 to reopen branches and help clients in hard-hit areas. They pitched in to get food, water, clothing, and other essentials to coworkers in need. Within days, they donated tens of thousands of dollars to our associate assistance fund providing grants to colleagues affected by floods and other emergencies. After much hard work and extra time committed to the Louisiana recovery effort, this same team stood ready to lend a hand to colleagues and clients in Florida who were affected by Hurricane Hermine two weeks later.

Getting Better At Helping You

I see banks as advocates and liaisons for opportunities. But, I also see ways we can get better at what we do for you. Will Rogers said it best: “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit here.” At Hancock and Whitney, we aspire always to move forward, to build a business that never knows completion. I like that philosophy. It’s about changing and growing to get better for our clients and communities.

The best banks align with business models that enable quick, flawless execution, inspire client confidence and loyalty, and empower bankers beyond basic transactions for fuller, more consultative client relationships. They broaden and deepen choices across all lines of business for all clients. And, they carefully, and deliberately blend the right mix of personal service and digital tools you need and want for your financial success.

As I meet our associates, I ask them how we can bring in more best practices that benefit you, regardless of generation or demographics. I’m anxious to remove obstacles that complicate doing business with us and to make sure our consumer and wholesale bankers have more time to do what they do best: help you achieve your financial goals and dreams.

I’m also looking for ways we can help more clients discover how mobile banking, treasury services, payment services, and other deposit offerings can help manage cash flow.

Making Good Things Happen

When our bankers, clients, and communities get together, good things happen.

I’m eager to work with our bankers to help our communities grow and our clients prosper. I believe if we continue carrying on our century-old service culture, investing in productive technology and developing more options to help you manage your hard-earned money, we can build even better value. We can offer you the best one-on-one service in banking and fast, convenient, reliable digital channels. We can help more people, establish more local partnerships, contribute more to our communities, and equip more bankers to meet and exceed your expectations.

Let us know how we can create opportunities for you. And, for regular updates on bank news and important information you can use, we invite you to subscribe to Insights.