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Commitment to Service

Commitment to Our Clients

We know that for all of us to succeed, we must make sure we thrive together. That’s why for more than a century, Commitment to Service has guided how we help those who depend on us.

When you engage with Hancock Whitney Bank, you immediately forge a personal partnership characterized by accessibility, trust and mutual respect. Our strong sense of personal accountability and engrained responsibility to put our clients first is evident in every client interaction, because we know that delivering exceptional service benefits everyone.

Greenwich Associates has honored us with a total of 201 awards to date—17 Best Brand awards since 2013 and 167 Excellence Awards since 2005. 


Commitment to Community

Social responsibility—commitment to serving the people who call our communities home—is simply part of how we do business and how we live in the Gulf South. At Hancock Whitney Bank, service goes well beyond the walls of our bank. Through volunteerism, philanthropy, and a responsible approach to financial education, our passionate team aspires to help their little corners of the world grow into more vibrant communities where we live and work.


Giving back is an important value we hold and put into action daily. We believe in volunteering our time, talent, energy and enthusiasm to make a difference in the communities where we work and live. Community Connection, our associate volunteer program, offers our team members one paid day each year to volunteer in their communities. Well beyond the work week, associates also give back generously and passionately on their own time to countless non-profit agencies, community initiatives, and organizations sharing our core values. At work and when they volunteer, associates help people achieve their goals and dreams.

In addition to benefitting our communities, Community Connection also provides a unique opportunity for associates who share pride in working for a company that cares. Community Connection offers opportunities for an associate to build relationships with others in the company and community, promote collaboration and develop important leadership skills.


Each year we give financial support to critical services and innovative programs delivered through not-for-profit agencies, schools, universities, and service organizations in our markets. We prioritize contributions for organizations with objectives that reflect our mission, purpose and core values and with the greatest overall community impact. We focus on financial education for students and adults; economic growth, workforce development; community revitalization; health and human services; cultural enrichment; environmental conservation and public services that address issues critical to our markets.

How to request a contribution

For us to consider a charitable contribution request, an organization must be a tax-exempt, not-for-profit entity as defined under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code. Learn more.

Financial Education

Teaching and advocating financial education enriches people’s lives and helps keep our economy strong. Our comprehensive financial programs make complex topics such as credit scores, insurance, credit cards, student loans, mortgages, taxes, stocks, savings, 401ks and other financial concepts more relevant and easier to understand for all ages. Our specialized Financial Cents program engages middle and high school students in interactive, web-based financial management modules that reinforce classroom learning, support state curriculums and complement bankers' in-class presentations at no cost to schools or taxpayers. Financial Cents helps young people develop basic money management skills critical to their lifelong financial security and success.

My Money Financial Education


We support the My Money Program, a financial literacy program dedicated to assisting individuals with developmental disabilities, their family members, caregivers, support providers and other key stakeholders. The program provides video lessons on important financial topics to help teach financial independence. Learn more.