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Hancock Whitney Corporation: Ringing in our new name in New York

May 25, 2018
John Hairston
John Hairston
Today, as America’s financial community looked on, we were honored to open the Nasdaq Marketsite under our new company name, Hancock Whitney Corporation, trading under the Nasdaq ticker symbol HWC as the parent company of Hancock Whitney Bank and Hancock Whitney Investment Services, Inc.
This morning’s opening bell signaled a milestone 100 years in the making—a natural next-step on the very day Hancock and Whitney first did business together a century ago to protect depositors and keep the banks strong. It echoed our shareholders’ overwhelming approval to bring together two brands built on community and core values. It resounded that we’re moving forward with optimism and opportunities to bring our clients’ financial dreams to life.
Our new name honors the rich history and solid principles we share with the communities we serve. Our new name positions us to keep growing as one strong Gulf South banking leader. Most important, our new name helps make banking simpler for people and businesses trusting us as their partner for financial success.
Our name is new, but our culture and core values are steadfast. At the turn of the 20th century, our founders foresaw a company that would never know completion—an organization always growing and changing to be even better. Today, we’re carrying their vision well into the 21st century with a name and brand born from 100-year story and a focus on the commitment, expertise, and warm 5-star service it takes to help people achieve their financial goals and dreams.
Hancock Whitney leaders ring the Nasdaq opening bell to commemorate the launch of our new company name. Left to right: Trisha Voltz Carlson, Manager of Investor Relations; Joseph Exnicios, Hancock Whitney President; Michael Achary, Chief Financial Officer; John Hairston, Chief Executive Officer; James Estabrook Jr., Chairman of the Board; Shane Loper, Chief Operating Officer; Lenny Sawyer, Executive Administrator.



This next day in our company’s history represents countless hours of work among hundreds of associates across our footprint. To them and their loved ones, we extend heartfelt appreciation for their tireless dedication, hard work, and support to prepare for and execute this name change over many months and this Memorial Day weekend.