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Accelerate Deposits

Control your cash flow.

Use our fast, secure deposit and collection services. 

Accelerate Deposits

Cash & Check Services

Remote Deposit Capture

Save time with our remote deposit capture service. Using a desktop check scanner you can make deposits to your checking account any time. Make fewer trips to the bank and enjoy later deposit cutoff times.

Image Cash Letter

Image cash letter enables you to transmit electronic images of checks for deposit directly to the Bank. We will help you streamline your deposit process and reduce paperwork. Image cash letter is ideal for businesses with high deposit volume.

Lockbox Services

Lockbox can accelerate the collection of checks and maximize available cash. We can retrieve, process and deposit payments directly into your commercial checking account. Lockbox offers an efficient way to deposit customer payments regardless of the amount or volume of your payments.

Provisional Credit

If you have a smart safe, an online recording system allows you to track cash and activity for each location. We can set up your business so the Bank accepts those deposits electronically and gives you provisional credit for them before they actually are deposited. Cash handling is easier and security and safety are enhanced when you use a smart safe with provisional credit.

Cash Vault

This service provides secure processing for deposits delivered by armored car services to our cash vault. It is ideal for businesses that deposit large amounts of currency and/or coin. You can also order cash for your business by phone, internet or standing order.

Electronic Deposits

ACH Collection

Using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) to process electronic payments can keep collection costs low and improve your cash flow. ACH transactions are frequently used for receiving business to business payments, or extracting payments with pre-authorized debits such as utility bills, insurance premiums or membership and association dues.

Wire Transfers

Take advantage of one of the fastest and most reliable ways to receive funds. Wire transfers are ideal for receiving high-value transactions because you receive same day credit in your account. Our Safe Wire service combines the bank’s routing number with your unique security code, making it safe to send outside payers wire instructions without compromising your account number.

Biller Express

Our electronic bill presentment and payment service, Biller Express, can transform your website so your customers can view and pay bills online. Biller Express improves traditional paper billing and payment processing by enabling businesses of all sizes to replace paper bills, statements, invoices, and payments with a more efficient online alternative. Each Biller is provided a unique, custom-branded website through which their customers, both consumers and businesses, can view and pay invoices from a bank account or from a credit/debit card.

An alternative under Biller Express is Quick Pay. With Quick Pay, your have the ability to accept online payments, but without presenting an online invoice - a perfect option for collecting donations, dues and similar funds.

Bill Pay Direct Post

Bill Pay Direct Post replaces “Check & List” with automation, eliminating the frustration of manually processing and posting bill payments. By converting your "check & list" bill payment records into one standard electronic file, you can electronically process your receivables in a straight through manner.

You will be able to significantly lower the cost to process “check & list” payments. Automating the posting process saves employee time and increases the accuracy of customer data. Bill Pay Direct Post will speed the collection and availability of payments because your payments are received the business day after the file is posted with no slowdown for manual processing.

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