Long-Term Disability Insurance

Protect yourself and your loved ones. Stay one step ahead of the unexpected.

Some things in life are simply out of your control, which is why disability insurance is so important. For your sake and those you care about, make sure you’re covered in the event that you’re unable to work due to a disability or non-work-related injury.

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Long-Term Disability Insurance.

If you’ve ever worried about a serious illness such as cancer or Parkinson’s disease or a severe, debilitating injury, then you’ll want long-term disability insurance. It covers a portion of your salary for an extended period of time. However, long-term disability claims generally take longer to process.

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Provide for those who count on you.

While children see their parents as invincible, every parent knows that unexpected things do happen. But the unexpected doesn’t stop the constant flow of everyday expenses: mortgage payments, car payments, food, clothes, childcare. Disability insurance means that when the unexpected hits, it doesn’t hit nearly as hard.

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Consider your personal risk factors.

Do you suffer from health problems that have the potential to interfere with your ability to work? Would your ability to make a living be compromised if suddenly you couldn’t walk or broke a bone? Do you participate in sports or hobbies (e.g., cycling, rock climbing, etc.) that hold the potential for injury? These are all important reasons to buy disability insurance.

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