Long-Term Care Insurance Policies

Thinking of your health means thinking ahead.

Longer life expectancies and rising healthcare costs are just two factors that make it important to find solutions for medical assistance as you age. Long-term care insurance lessens the financial burden on your spouse and family of high cost healthcare.

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What Long-Term Care Insurance Covers

Long-term care insurance covers three very different types of care. There’s skilled care for serious injuries or illnesses that require daily medical attention. Serious injuries or illnesses that don’t always require daily attention are best served by intermediate care. And for assistance with things like eating and bathing, there’s custodial care.

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Why Buy Long-Term Care Insurance Now

Simply put, getting long-term care insurance as you get older becomes increasingly expensive. Buying it as soon as you can keeps your premiums down. It also helps protect your family assets if you suffer a serious illness or accident.

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Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance

Typically the most affordable type of long-term care insurance, you should buy a policy for as much care as you expect to need. Benefits cover both in-home and nursing home care.

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Non-Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance

Some non-traditional long-term care insurance policies are life insurance policies, while others are annuity policies. Non-traditional long-term care insurance offers extra features that can help pay the cost of long-term care (while still providing benefits for your family).

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