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Export Services

Are you ready to tap into the global market?

Selling internationally is a great way to expand into new areas, boost your customer base and grow your business. Our extensive international expertise and strategic payment options can help limit the financial risk, improve your cash flow and ensure successful international exports.


Export Letter of Credit

Prior to making the goods available to your customer, you need assurance that you will be paid upon shipment with an export Letter of Credit. Our international trade team experts can show you how this crucial tool can help you get paid in a timely manner and assist with the details.

Export Documentary Collections

With more established clients, our international trade team can help you structure a documentary collection that will help you sell more efficiently and ensure that you are protected.

Banker's Acceptances

If you are negotiating with the buyer and they want terms in the letter of credit, we can show you how to structure this type of letter of credit to work to your advantage. Our international trade team can explain how you can improve your cash flow by discounting the time draft.

Standby Letters of Credit

A prospective buyer may require you to provide a standby letter of credit. This is used to protect the buyer in case the seller defaults on the contractual agreement. It is an undertaking by our bank to make payment should the seller fail to fulfill the agreed upon contract. Our international trade team experts can provide guidance on how to structure these letters of credit.

In some cases the buyer will request that you provide a payment guarantee or a performance bond. In most cases they will accept a standby letter of credit for this purpose, which enables a simple, low cost instrument to fulfill their need to secure the transaction.

Foreign Exchange

Secure competitive foreign exchange rates to further enhance your international trade.

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Time to go global?

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Foreign Exchange Assistance: 1-800-538-7751

International Department:
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