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International Banking

Import Services

Importing allows you to diversify your product lines and expand sales.


Whether through the provision of a working capital line or by assisting with documentary processes that help qualify you as a buyer, your banker and our International Banking specialists can facilitate your access to goods and materials around the globe.

Import Finance 

Just as your banker assists you with financing your purchase of goods or materials from domestic trade partners, he or she can also provide funding for import purchases. Often, this is accompanied by the need for additional documentary services provided by our International Banking specialists.

Import Letters of Credit

Use a letter of credit issued by our bank to guarantee your supplier payment for goods and services while ensuring all terms and conditions of the transaction are met. Details within the letter of credit and the supporting documentation are critical. Our international trade team experts will assist you with those import details.

Standby Letters of Credit

Bidding on international or domestic contracts often requires demonstration of your financial integrity by means of a standby letter of credit. They are also extremely useful in a variety of business transactions when a seller has requested assurance of your ability to meet financial obligations.

Import Documentary Collections

Once you have developed a strong relationship with a supplier and are confident in their ability to perform, buying under a documentary collection basis may be more appropriate for you. Let our trade finance team advise you on the best collection for your particular transaction.

Foreign Exchange

Secure competitive foreign exchange rates to further enhance your international trade.

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