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Traveling This Summer? Keep Your Finances Safe

May 30, 2022
Hancock Whitney
Hancock Whitney

Summer vacation is just around the corner, but, unfortunately, criminals and fraudsters don’t take the summer off. Here are some tips to make you aware of common scams fraudsters use to try and obtain personal financial information while you’re traveling.


Traveling This Summer? Keep Your Finances Safe



It may seem a bit old-school, but skimming is still a common way for criminals to steal your debit or credit card information. Criminals attach card skimming devices to gas pumps, ATMs and other terminals to detect and steal your card information. Always take a good look at the payment terminal (the slot where you scan your card) for suspicious looking plastic covers or wires before inserting your card. If something looks suspicious, notify management.

The best method of avoiding being skimmed is to utilize the chip on your contactless Hancock Whitney credit card. Simply tap the terminal and avoid having to insert your card.  


Suspicious Websites, Emails and Ads

Be aware of suspicious websites, emails and pop up ads when booking vacation travel. It’s always best to visit official websites to book hotel, airline or other travel business. Carefully review a travel website’s URL; fraudulent sites may use “domain spoofing” by adding extra letters to the website address.

If you receive an email asking to call a phone number to “confirm your account information,” always verify the validity of that phone number by going directly to the company’s website, locating the phone number on the back of your debit or credit card, or reviewing your account statement.

And, remember: Never click any links or attachments in emails that you suspect could be from an untrustworthy source.


Suspicious Text Messages

Don’t fall for suspicious text messages about trips, i.e. “You won a FREE trip!” These are often a scam.

Additionally, don't click on links or respond to any suspicious text messages, and most importantly, do not provide any personal or confidential information.

If you have responded to such a message and believe you have provided personal information, please contact Hancock Whitney immediately at 1-800-448-8812.

Reminder: Although we may call you for verification purposes or send product and promotional offerings via email, the company will never contact you and ask for your Social Security Number, Personal Identification Number or Online Banking Credentials.


Have Fun, But Stay Vigilant

By being aware of common scams and staying vigilant, you’ll be prepared to spot fraud and keep criminals from spoiling your summer vacation trip. Hancock Whitney is dedicated to being your trusted financial partner and working with you to keep your finances safe. For more information and helpful resources, visit hancockwhitney.com/security-center.