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International Payments

Global banking with a local partner.

We can help you navigate uncharted waters and improve your payment processes to make the most of your international business efforts.

Wire Transfers

Using our worldwide network of correspondents, you can wire funds in U.S. dollars or foreign currencies around the globe. Considerably faster and more efficient than drafts, wires put your funds exactly where you need them — on time.

Foreign Check Clearing

We offer efficient clearing services for checks drawn on foreign countries, whether in foreign currencies, or in U.S. Dollars.

Foreign Drafts

Whether you need to provide payments to overseas beneficiaries or cover travel expenses, foreign drafts can be issued in most currencies and function much like a cashier’s check. Order foreign drafts at any branch location or directly through our International Department.

Foreign Currency

When traveling internationally, you may need foreign currency on hand for small expenses and situations where credit cards aren't accepted. We offer numerous currencies for immediate purchase and can arrange for delivery of other currencies within 48 hours.

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Contact International Banking

Credit Specialist: 1-504-586-7301
Foreign Exchange Assistance: 1-800-538-7751
International Department: 701 Poydras Street, Suite 1400, New Orleans, LA 70139