Overdraft Protection – Preferred Line of Credit and Home Equity Line of Credit

Your checking account can be linked to a Preferred Line of Credit or a Home Equity Line of Credit (collectively “Line of Credit”) product.


Transaction Processing

Each processing day after all transactions have posted to your checking account, if the available balance in the account isn’t sufficient to cover all of the transactions, a transfer is automatically made from the Line of Credit to your checking account to cover the overdraft amount.

Transfers are made in the exact amount needed to cover the overdraft.

If the Line of Credit does not have sufficient funds to cover all of the  overdraft items, we will transfer the amount needed to fully cover as many of the items possible based on the posting order of each item. Any item(s) in your checking account that cannot be fully covered under this Overdraft Protection Plan will result in an overdraft, if paid, or may be returned for Non-Sufficient Funds.


Beneficial if you

  • You need a larger revolving credit line that can also be used as overdraft protection (Preferred Line of Credit or Home Equity Line of Credit).
  • You are a homeowner looking for borrowing flexibility by tapping into the equity in your house (Home Equity Line of Credit).
  • You want to be able to make an unlimited number of transfers from the line of credit to your checking account (subject to the available limit in the credit line)
  • You want to be able to directly access your overdraft protection line with special line of credit checks. 



  • There is no Transfer Fee with either Line of Credit. Transfers can be made systematically as part of this Overdraft Protection Plan or proactively by you with no Transfer Fee.
  • Overdraft/Non-Sufficient Funds Fee – each $36. Any overdraft item(s) not fully covered by the Line of Credit account may be assessed an Overdraft Fee, if paid into overdraft, or an NSF Fee, if returned for Non-Sufficient Funds.
  • Sustained Overdraft Fee 2 - $36
  • The Line of Credit comes with no annual fee; for details on rates and other terms and conditions, call or visit your local branch for details.


Combine with Standard Overdraft Services1

  • If the money in your Line of Credit account does not cover all your overdraft items, our Standard Overdraft Services allows us to consider paying the remaining item(s) into overdraft subject to the following:
    • This service is automatically provided with checks, ACH, automatic bill payments and recurring debit card transactions.
    • You must opt-in to this service if you wish for us to consider authorizing and paying your ATM and everyday debit card transactions into overdraft. You may opt-in by calling us at
      1-800-448-8812 or visiting your local branch. You can change this election at any time. Please allow up to 72 hours for your election change to become effective.
  • Each overdraft item may be assessed a $36 Overdraft Fee, if paid into overdraft, or a $36 NSF Fee, if returned.
  • Overdrawn accounts may be subject to a Sustained Overdraft Fee of $36 if the balance is not brought positive within nine (9) calendar days 2.

We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction. Even if we pay your account into overdraft, we maintain the right not to do so at any other time. If we do not authorize your transaction, it will be declined and will not be paid into overdraft. Once you have overdrawn your account, you must bring it to a positive balance as soon as possible to avoid additional fees.



Home Equity Lines of Credit cannot be used as overdraft protection in Texas.


Normal credit criteria apply. Call or visit your local branch for details.


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1Under our Standard Overdraft Services:

We will charge you a fee of up to $36.00 each time we pay an overdraft.

We will assess no more than 5 overdraft fees per account per day (Daily Limit). Please note that the Sustained Overdraft Fee discussed below does not count as an overdraft fee subject to the Daily Limit. NSF fees are subject to this same Daily Limit so that you will not be assessed more than 5 overdraft and NSF fees (individually or in combination) per account per day.

No overdraft fee will be imposed if, after the end of day processing, your available balance is overdrawn $5.00 or less. However, if after the end of day processing, your available balance is overdrawn by more than $5.00, you will be charged an overdraft fee for each overdraft for that day subject to the Daily Limit.

No overdraft fee will be imposed on any overdraft item of $5.00 or less.

2For each time that your account remains overdrawn for at least nine (9) consecutive calendar days, you agree to pay one Sustained Overdraft Fee of $36.00. Please note that we count as the first of the nine consecutive calendar days, the day on which we post the items which create the overdraft in your account, regardless of whether we have provided you with notice of the overdraft(s). This fee is separate from and may be charged in addition to the Daily Limit of 5 overdraft and/or non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees. We will not charge this fee if you pay us the total amount of the overdrawn balance on the ninth (9th) calendar day or the next banking day, if the 9th calendar day falls on a weekend or federal holiday that is not a banking day. We will also not charge this fee if:

     • Your account is overdrawn by $5.00 or less on the day on which we would otherwise charge it, or
     • You have not opted-in to the payment of ATM and everyday debit card (point of sale) transactions and the amount overdrawn only includes amounts from ATM and point of sale transactions presented and paid against insufficient funds, or
     • The amount overdrawn only includes bank fees and/or service charges.